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Allowed Platforms for LA & LADX

Link's Awakening

Link's Awakening (LA) was released for the Game Boy (GB) in 1993. For running on console, the following platforms are allowed:

  • Game Boy / Light / Pocket
  • Game Boy Colour
  • Super Game Boy 2
  • Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Player / GBI

The original Super Game Boy is not permitted, due to a small discrepancy in the clock speed of the Super Game Boy. Instead of using the speed of the stock GB hardware, it relies on the internal speed of the SNES. This causes the original Super Game Boy to run slightly faster than intended. The Super Game Boy 2, released only in Japan, fixed this change.

Link's Awakening DX

Link's Awakening DX (LADX) was released as an upgraded port of the original LA in 1998 for the Game Boy Colour (GBC). For LADX, the following platforms are permitted:

  • Game Boy Colour
  • Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Player / GBI

Like many Game Boy Colour releases, LADX was capable of being played on original GB hardware. This, however, causes the game to have performance drops in some areas which relied on GBC hardware. When playing on original GB hardware, several exclusive LADX features are noticeably missing. This means that it is impossible to finish a true 100% run of LADX on the original GB. The 3DS Virtual Console release is also banned, as it is believed to have an innacurate emulator for the GBC.

Game Boy Player (GBP)

The Game Boy Player is the most popular method of playing Link's Awakening (DX) on console. It is completely accurate for both LA & LADX and offers a simple video output to a capture card. The GBP is an accessory for the GameCube, and attaches to the bottom of the system using the High-Speed Port. In order to actually play Game Boy games, an executible GameCube file needs to be run. Nintendo released a disc alongside the GBP, which would interface with the device to allow the user to play Game Boy games. This disc is considered to be a lesser way to play using the GBP, as it has poor video scaling and input latency. Most players opt for the homebrew software Game Boy Interface (GBI). In order to run GBI, you'll need to be able to boot homebrew up on the GameCube. This is a good guide on how to run GBI on the GameCube.