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Wall Clipping

As one of the oldest and most commonly used tricks in the game, Wall Clipping allows for the player to clip into solid tiles by as much as three pixels. Furthermore, it allows for many movement optimizations in the game.


Left: not clipped
Right: clipped

Wall Clipping is one of the easiest tricks in the game. Simply walk into the corner of a solid tile. One of two things will happen:

  1. Link is positioned perfectly, walking passed the tile slightly clipped into it by one to three pixels.
  2. Link is positioned slightly closer to the middle of the solid tile than the corner, causing Link to go into a pushing animation for a few frames before he aligns, clipping three pixels into the tile.

Genie Quick Kill

The bottle from the Genie in Bottle Grotto can be broken in one throw instead of three throws by wall clipping into the top wall and throwing the pot horizontally. In some versions of the game the bottle only takes two hits and performing this clip duplicates the Genie.


A superjump allows you to do a second jump from a wall, ignoring almost all collisions until you land. By wall clipping into a wall of which you can normally fall off you can perform a superjump by jumping against the wall and while in the air use your sword/bow/magic rod in the opposite direction of the wall. Instead of a wall clip using the boots to run jump into the wall can also be used. A superjump can also be performed without the sword/bow/magic rod by facing away from the wall before the first jump. Since most walls you can jump of are in dungeons all the applications are generally found in dungeons.

Changing Superjump Direction

After performing the superjump there are several things that can change the direction of your superjump to the side. Some enemies like peahats and Dodongo snakes can knock you back when you swing your sword at them and you can bounce off enemies with the shield. This can be applied in Key Cavern and Eagle's Tower to perform miniboss skips and other minor skips.

Goomba Surfing

The superjump can be extended by avoiding to land on the ground/water. The best way to be able to do this is jumping on top of Goomba's to get an extra bounce. This can be performed in Eagle's Tower to jump straight to the boss entrance.


When in the water a superjump can be performed also. Because you do not jump in the water you never land, allowing you to transition through solid objects. When in this superswim state you can not transition downwards or the game softlocks. This trick is considered Out of Bounds and is therefore banned in the main categories.

Sideways Block Push

Pushable blocks can be pushed from the side by wall clipping into them and pushing against the corner. Instead of pushing the block forward it will move to the side, allowing some minor skips.

Flame Skip

On the way to Turtle Rock there is the cave with the flame spewer inside, preventing you passage until you normally get the shield upgrade. With a wall clip you can avoid the knockback by the flames and use invulnerability frames to walk through the flames to get to the other side.

Pits, Water and Lava

When falling into pits, lava and into water without flippers you get pushed down. By opening an item/map/S+Q menu on the same frame as you would fall in you can avoid falling in, allowing you to keep your downwards movement and clip into walls or out of pits this way. The most significant application is Villa Skip, where you use the pits above Richard's villa to transition into the bush maze below without collecting five golden leaves. Other applications are entering and leaving Catfish Maw without flippers by clipping into the walls surrounding it and getting to the mermaid statue by transitioning on top of it from above.

Bomb Trigger

When placing a bomb right before and after a transition you can trigger cutscenes to start. A bomb trigger can also be performed by dropping two bombs in a pit in quick succession. Bomb triggers have many applications:

Owl Bomb Triggers

Almost all owls can be bomb triggered. The flying animation of the owl is skipped when the bomb trigger is successfully performed.

Walrus Skip

A bomb trigger to the screen with the walrus at Animal Village allows you to start the cutscene of Marin singing to the walrus even when you do not have Marin following you. Doing this without Marin will softlock after the cutscene if you do not manage to leave the screen. Leaving the screen during the cutscene allows you to move around but not open up the map, item and S+Q menu until you enter a warp (caves, houses etc).

Eagle's Tower Pillars

The pillars in dungeon 7: Eagle's Tower can be bomb triggered as well. There are some triggers that have to be met for bomb triggers to work though: The slime to the left of the top right pillar has to be killed, and some pillars have to be down before you can bomb trigger the others.

Trade Sequence

Several screens with trade sequence items can be bomb triggered: Papahl on the mountain gives you the hibiscus even when you do not have the pineapple and the fisherman under the bridge gives you the bra/necklace without needing the hook. This allows you to skip a large portion of the trade sequence.

Other Bomb Triggers

There are several bomb triggers in the overworld: Tarin the raccoon in the Mysterious Woods can be bomb triggered without having powder, the Turtle Rock guardian and opening the Windfish Egg can be bomb triggered without having the ocarina nor the Frog or Marin's Song and Pieces of Heart can be picked up when entering the room instantly. The seashell present in the seashell mansion can be duplicated multiple times and Evil Eagle can be duplicated in Eagle's Tower. When dropping bombs in quick succession when entering the nightmare room in the Windfish Egg you can perform a bomb trigger skipping the introduction text and spawning the blob nightmare in the top wall.

Wrong Warp

When entering a warp from a different direction than intended you get warped to a sometimes glitched map where properties of tiles could be hussled. This can be performed even at the start of the game with a wall clip from the top of madam Meow-Meow's doghouse in Mabe Village. See also Wrong Warp.

Text Skip

Alot of the text in LA and LADX can be skipped by opening the item or S+Q menu before the text starts. All chest messages and the text that pops up at the start of dungeons can be skipped using this glitch.

Screen Warping

By opening the map when Link crosses a screen boundary he will retain his same position that he had before transitioning.

This glitch only works in Link's Awakening and is heavily used in the Any% Speedrun:

Drop Duplication

Drop Duplication is very useful in most No WW/OOB and Warpless categories due to the act that allows the player to get Bombs very quickly (much quicker than getting rupees from the log cave in Mysterious Woods) and Bomb trigger the racoon blocking the way to the Tail Key.


Drops from enemies (such as hearts, rupees, and the likes) can be picked up by either touching it with Link's body or or with his Sword or Shield. Picking up items can only occur after their bouncing animation, and so if one positions Link in such a way that the animation will end with the drop touching both Link and his Sword or Shield at the same time, the drop will duplicate into two drops. With this in mind, there are two known methods of drop duping.

Enemy Method

Drop duping off of enemies is quite difficult, and the dupe itself is luck based - even with perfect positioning. The only reason why it is so typically done is because of the fact the enemies have a much higher chance of dropping items.

  1. Kill an enemy
  2. Either begin charging the Sword very soon after the enemy gets knocked back, or start holding out the Shield and walk towards where the enemy's death animation is occuring
  3. During the drop's bouncing animation, position Link (whose Sword or Shield is held out) so that the bottom of the drop sprite lands around the middle of his sprite.

With a little bit of luck and if Link is positioned correctly, one will get two of the desired drops

Bushes Method

Drop duping off of a solid bush is very easy and the dupe isn't luck based. Simply slash the bush from the top or bottom (make sure you aren't wall clipped) and start holding the direction towards the bush and the Sword or Shield during and after the Sword Slash animation. Link should walk towards the bush with his Sword or Shield out and, if a drop occurs, one will get two of the desired drops. The main downside with this method is that drops from bushes (especially rupees) are quite uncommon, and so they are not very dependable.


Owl Skip

You can skip the owl after opening the Tail Key chest in the forest by doing a frameperfect item/S+Q menu the frame after you open the chest and follow it up with a(nother) S+Q menu. This gives you just enough time to walk down off the screen before the owl starts talking.

Sprite Overflow

When you have more than 16 sprites on the screen when transitioning some sprites on the next screen can be deloaded. In Link's Awakening the magic rod can be used just before transitions to create enough sprites to despawn enemies. While this does not work in the DX version, there is a different way to perform a sprite overflow by digging up sprites and using items like powder, bombs and arrows. Theoretically this can be used to skip Bowwow by digging up enough sprites on the screen before to deload a flower before Bottle Grotto. but the amount of drops you need to perform it makes it infeasible for RTA.

Sprite Transitioning

When sprites are close enough to the transition they can transition with you to the other screen. This can be used to obtain the hookshot in Catfish Maw without beating the Master Stalfos.

Unsolid Pushable Blocks

When a pushable block is moving, it is not solid. This allows you to use items through it which you would not be able to otherwise. Applications for this are throwing a pot to the Pol's Voice in Bottle Grotto's nightmare key room and using the hookshot to clip into the block.

Screen Wrap

The game always takes the shortest path in some situations where enemies or Link follow a certain sprite. Because of the coordinate system used this can be abused by screen wrapping to the other side of the screen. This can be used in Bottle Grotto to make the ghosts move off the screen when you spawn them on the far left side of the room, removing the need to light the torches. Screen wrapping can also be observed on the bridge on top of the mountain by falling into the pit while hookshotting to the other side on the same frame. After Link respawns on the right side, he will be pulled to the right and appear on the left side of the bridge on the block that was targeted by the hookshot.

Jesus Jumping

When landing on a water or lava tile without flippers you can open a item/map/S+Q menu and perform a second jump of the water. This allows you to traverse over water and transition to any adjacent screen except upwards. Since water pushes you down when you land on it this allows you to obtain wall clips.

Lava Swimming

When you have the flippers you can perform a lava swim by transitioning on the same frame as falling into lava. This trick is 100% consistent when slashing your sword at the same time but still has a decent success rate without depending on your subpixels.

Hookshot Jumping

You can perform a jump on top of pits on the frame the hookshot retracts. This allows you to obtain the bird key without the help of the flying rooster.

Hookshot Clipping

When hookshotting pots and moving towards them horizontally Link gets pushed up one pixel allowing you to perform a wall clip. Hookshotting enemies and drops give you the same effect, making it possible to clip through blocks if enough drops are present.

Freeze Blocks

In rooms where blocks can be seperated with a pullable switch the blocks can be frozen in place by tapping the pullable switch once before pulling it.

For an example see here (Trick is shown at 1h10m10s):

Evil Eagle Offscreen Damage

After performing a save and quit in Eagle's Tower you can hit the boss Evil Eagle offscreen after the first hit by shooting the magic rod downwards after he flies out of the screen.

Dethyl Skip

The final nightmare fight can be skipped by freezing a fire keese on the Ganon nightmare. When playing the ocarina the frame before a fire keese would start moving the frame it starts moving is skipped. This makes the fire keese freeze in place until you get to the Dethyl nightmare. Here the fire keese also transforms into Dethyl and dies immediately which triggers the stairs to the windfish to spawn.

There's a Text+Pics Tutorial (from 15th Oct. 2016) made by VlackSR which can be found here:

Video Tutorial (from May 31th 2018) by BambooShadow: